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Normally if people has a fever because catch a cold,be or the body has inflammation to cause, so most outpatient service has a fever in cure patient when blood of metropolis a priori, whether does understanding have inflammation inside system of private parts body. Darling resistance is weaker, a lot of parents are sent high in flu period when can let the child as far as possible avoid to go to the person’s much place, prevent 3 years oldLove Shanghai is the same as city forumShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Darling has a fever suddenly. Have a fever what to have suddenly below understanding together likelihood.

 3 years old of darling have a fever suddenly

One, abrupt attack of fever is how to return a responsibility

1, have cold symptom: Acute inflammation or flu

(1) acute inflammation

Having a fever commonly is inflammation reaction. Generally speaking, the high fever that erupts suddenly (38.5 ℃ , 40 ℃ ) mean normally sick bacterium is affected inside body, like the acute inflammation such as cold, pneumonic, meningitis, scarlatina metropolis companion has high fever. A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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(2) flu

If your child has the following symptom, the child that can judge you probably so got second flu: Above all, abrupt sex ground has a fever (it is high fever controls) 39 degrees commonly, all over acid aches faint, be afraid that cold; accompanies the symptom that has respiratory system subsequently, snorty, cough, pharynx is for instance painful, have a headache etc, little part occurrence vomiting, diarrhoea.

Additional, main show is the symptom after armour flu is affected high fever, cough, shed tears, myalgia to wait, most companion has serious pneumonic, serious person a variety of viscera exhaustion such as heart, kidney cause death, rate of die in one’s bed is very high.

 3 years old of darling have a fever suddenly

Of course, the clinical symptom that place of virus of armour, second flu causes is very similar, but snorty, bellyacke and symptom of gastric bowel path, second should compare armour model see more.

2, without cold symptom: Cheeper urgent rash

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If darling is 2 years old before, without cold symptom ground abrupt and ineffable attack of fever, need vigilant cheeper urgent rash. Be in commonly this age paragraph, want darling to have a fever suddenly two days only, can suspect darling got children urgent rash. Cheeper urgent rash is the infant’s inchoate kind of common disease, most children has gotten this disease before 2 years old, basically be behaved even if break out high fever, last commonly 3-5 day left and right sides, appear all over next rash of pink stain appearance. Cheeper urgent rash also calls infantile rose rash, it is the infection of acute of a kind of children that causes by virus. Clinical go up with protuberant and calorific, heat is retreated1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Rash goes out for the characteristic.

 3 years old of darling have a fever suddenly

Exceed the darling early days of 6 months1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Without cold sign, give out heat suddenly however. Arrive instantly commonly 38-39 ℃ , should doubt the possibility that has cheeper urgent rash. Go to a hospital the examination can discover throat is a bit red normally, can have cervical lymph node enlargement even. The darling of the majority although attack of fever, but mind is still good, appetite is insusceptible also. May develop the cold symptom such as occurrence sneeze, snorty, cough as course of diseases nevertheless. A few darling is met irritating, vomiting, diarrhoea and appetite drop.

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