[what is liver ministry enhances Ct to check] – of purpose of hepatic _ of _ct examination _

Article introduction

Liver ministry enhances CT is one kind uses those who check hepatic organ, the price of most CT is higher, but to common examination the examination of CT is met more detailed. To the specific position of the illness also can seeing for the patient’s body, becoming hepatic place commonly, CT when before needing redo to check, inject radiography agent, so what is liver ministry enhances CT to use those who check?

What is liver ministry enhances Ct to check

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One, what is liver enhances Ct?

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Pass radiography lotion in inject namely later, undertake Ct scans. Clinical go up, it is its cent 3 period, namely arteries and veins of artery period, door period and defer period. Because liver has arteries and veins relying on the door and liver artery to offer hematic characteristic jointly, and liver enhances the difference with ct3 video period, can help an analysisShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The degree of the reason of pathological changes and development. Be in clinical going up is a kind of very useful method. For instance, to patient of cancer of the liver, they are in of artery period aggrandizement the most apparent, and period of arteries and veins can lose a bit. The patient of liver hemangioma is in a period of arteries and veins is a bit strong, arrived from the back, degree is met stronger and stronger.

What is liver ministry enhances Ct to check

2, when the patient contracts what disease, does need do liver to enhance Ct?

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Learn to check OK and clear diagnosis to give the materiality pathological change that produces inside liver, resembling is liver hemangioma and ambulant liver cancer, can undertake specific diagnosis through doing liver to enhance Ct.

2, liver enhances Ct to often be used to distinguish tumor, its are in clinical the diagnose rate that go up can achieve 90% above. Extremely high accuracy rate makes liver enhances Ct to often be used to those who do tumor is relevant diagnose. Of course, when different tumour is making an inspection, 3 period can have different show. And pass the trade off study to these 3 period, can conclude.

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Have the diagnostic effect that comparative. Nevertheless, because of cancer of the liver complex with changeful sex, liver enhances one of basises that Ct can be judgement only. In addition, wait for ability to be made quite into the examination of travel pathology section again even diagnose finally.

What is liver ministry enhances Ct to check

4, besides afore-mentioned in beyond mentioned hemangioma, liver enhances Ct to still can check a partial stone. Return specificlyLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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It is to want to make relevant specification according to actual condition.

Generally speaking, to the examination of hepatic respect, its are liver ministry Ct commonly orderly, liver enhances Ct and nuclear magnetism to wait a moment. Be in video in learning, liver enhances Ct is a kind of very significant step. Can basis thirdly of period image different will undertake differentiating, and its result accuracy rate is very high.

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