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Tornado disease is like the meaning of literal, brains is swimmy, the circumstance of very dizzy can appear when having. If appear giddy semiotic time is short, whether is because Morpheus, pressure waits element place a moment to cause,can considering, if a kind of long expression, go to a hospital best checking. Current and clinical go up to return what just pass medicaments and work and rest to adjust to the cure of tornado disease, giddy of course still need to notice a lot of item, especially1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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The person of durative dizziness.

 How is tornado disease treated

Dizziness is very general symptom, the marrow that divide side is lopsided outside, its cause of formation is numerous, if medicaments influence, rhythm of the heart is wrong,wait. Encounter have dizziness, besides strive for as far as possible rest, dietary respect should feed much food less to reach avoid a stodge, all conduce to slow and unwell.

1) dizziness cent is the following shape of 3 a serious illness:

1.Very dizzy- – the patient can feel the scenery all round is rotating, oneself is turning possibly also.

2.Top-heavy- – the feeling that does not have very dizzy, but always feel ” the head is heavy, crural surplus surplus ” , carry do not remove spirit to come.

3.Before one black- – feel the vision is ambiguous, lose consciousness temporarily even.

Metropolis companion has the public figure that has dizziness for the most part nauseating make frowsty, inappetence vomit even your work, want at this moment advertent oneself food, should eat much food less, avoid fat food, yi Ke is taken first before take food feed pill, conduce relieves a symptom. Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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 How is tornado disease treated

2) lasts giddy beard attention:

1.Giddy and serious should as far as possible lie in bed rests, answer to undertake slowly when fluctuation bed, because balance a system,need time suits. Contrary, if giddy circumstance lasts (especially the person that the circumstance maintains above of a month) should hold proper campaign, because right now not much activity, can make body function degrades, counterbalance system is maladjusted, because this cannot lie only,do not move.

2.Dizziness wants more than two weeks to check.

The problem lasts or serious word, answer to accept further examination toward doctor office. General and common acute is giddy, maintain at most disappear to two weeks left and right sides, be like exceeded word to should look for a doctor as soon as possible. The patient should have the examination such as body hematin, blood pressure, heartbeat, blood sugar normally, should examine possibly even hearing, make head computer scanning wait.

 How is tornado disease treated

Why is 3) met giddy?

Giddy reason is differ, have the following kinds commonly:

1.EardrumForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Reach inner ear disease- – different ear ministry question can be caused dizzy, be like tympanitis, beautiful Buddhist nun family name disease, common cold virus also can inbreak inner ear and pose a problem, bring even cause the appearance such as vomiting.

2.Medicaments influence- – a few fall heart and medicine of blood pressure medicine, sugar make water, catch a cold even sensitive medicine have this side effect possibly.

3.Rhythm of the heart is wrong- – heart disease makes feed oxygen to cerebral ministry wrong and cause dizziness, had throbbed among them slow influence is more.

4.Chronic illness- – diabetic, tracheal disease, nephrosis if control is bad, also can appear afore-mentioned circumstances (if blood sugar crosses low) .

5.Anaemic- – amount of menstruation of woman of bosom pregnancy occasional is large, can make blood contains oxygen to measure a bring down, cause dizzy.

6.Exorbitant or blood pressure is too low- – exorbitant or blood pressure is too low, can send dizziness to cerebrum causes an effect and be being brought.

The dietotherapy board with 4) giddy cure square:

1.Brown sugar egg

Take soya-bean oil right amount, brown sugar of 2 eggs, 30 grams (with) of agitate of a few water. Put soya-bean oil hot; is burned inside boiler the simmer in water inside boiler will be entered after break up egg and brown sugar agitate again ripe, hollow take, take 10 days repeatedly. To consolidate curative effect, also can take a few days more.

2.Congee of hedge column egg

With column of hedge of Chinese herbal medicine 25 grams, the egg that take case 1, rice 50 grams. Boil gruel, can add right amount oil, salt, gourmet powder to flavor. Thoroughly cook1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Hind, go hedge column broken bits and chorion, 2 times edible medicine congee mixes one endowment egg, general and successive edible 3 days, dizziness has a headache the symptom has namely improve apparently. This medicine congee not only sweet and goluptious, medicable dizziness has a headache, still have auxiliary step-down effect.

3.A thick soup of duck’s egg beans

Take duck’s egg 1, red bean 20. Evaporate of agitate divide evenly is ripe, the morning is hollow take, everyA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Day 1, use consecutively has specially good effect 7 days.

4.4 gentleman soup

With selfheal, unripe the bark of eucommia each 25 grams, unripe root of herbaceous peony 15 grams, the root of large-flowere skullcap 10 grams. First drug of before decoct 3 gout, put water of 3 tea handleless cup, boil 30 minutes, remove fire, stop rejoin the root of large-flowere skullcap a bit, decoct is become 5 minutes namely, everyday morning and evening is taken 1 times each. After taking, can feel a small small hole is bright namely, without other secondary action.

5.Chrysanthemum function

Take chrysanthemum right amount. Chrysanthemum function falls detoxify of blood pressure, bright eye, treat dizziness, have a headache, tinnitus dazzled, can make pee Qing Dynasty long. Hypertensive person can use chrysanthemum pillow, to woman liver Yang Huocheng is brought send be agitated of giddy, eveningShanghai noble baby

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The person that cannot fall asleep is helpful. Can join mother chrysanthemum carapace of leaf of oily mandarin orange, gram or silk of the stem pith of the rice-paper plant, insolation is waited for cold load pillow seam again inside bag close can.

6.The jasmine flower stews an egg

Live with Hei Bumeng the eye rests, breakfast eats the partridge that stew and jasmine flower to stew an egg.

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